Plan B is a reintegration program for those whom just released from the penal system and cannot return to their families. The project makes a bridge between prison life and everyday life through integrating the convict into a law-abiding, loving family/community where he/she can practise the unbiased and assertive communication.

Being an ex-convict is a kind of social stigma. Our attitude is that the person who we work with is not a criminal. He just made a mistake and he/she anytime can make a decision that he/she won't commit any other crime.

In this community he/she lives from 3 to 9 months where the goal is to strengthen family relations and emotional ties between the prisoner and their immediate relatives, also to improve work-related competencies.

After that he/she becomes peer supporter at the Penitentiary Tale Program* in addition to his/her civilian job. Those people whom we work with become role models in their own community and also in the prison.

Plan-B differs from other prisoner reintegration focused projects. The difference is that in this program the ex-convict learns integration patterns directly by experiencing it in an everyday family environment and not in a school or any teaching context. He/she can experience trust and ordinary habits - such as: the quality of human relationships, financial culture etc. - of everyday life in most cases for the first time in his/her life.

Plan-B encourages the ex-convict to reintegrate to employment because he/she lives in an environment where members of the family work and where work is attractive because the family members love and committed to their job/business. During his/her time with the family the project supports the ex-convict so that he/she can find a job with a criminal record and with the hardness of finding a job in Hungary where the unemployment rate is high. Plan-B is always personalized. Before Plan-B we get to know the target person with the Penitentiary Tale Program. That way we can counteract any abuse toward the financial support or any other kind of abuse.