Devil and Hell performance
Laci is looking for happiness. Underworld? Subconscious? Devil and hell? How far does a person need to go back in order to find their own clear untouched essence? Is there a way? Can anyone help? Who is good? Who is bad? Am I good or bad? And you?

The members of the drama group with the help of the Tévelygőkért Alapìtvány work weekly on turning their personal experiences, dreams, desperations, anger,  happiness, misery and desires into fairy tales. The carefree play and the archetypical energy of the fairy tales consumes both actors and viewers. The game becomes a play, a staged fairy tale that the inmates perform at special family hearings a number of times per year. This helps maintain a continuing active and loving relationship between father and children despite the distance.
The fact that they will soon have a chance to perform in Budapest for the public is a special and rare occasion.