The purpose of Tévelygőkért Foundation is to increase the chances of reintegration of convicts and reduce juvenile crime by strengthening family relationships through different projects.
About 1 million children in Europe grow up with one or both parents serving time in a correctional facility. In Hungary, this phenomenon affects about 40,000 children. Their predicament is traumatic, leaving them financially and emotionally vulnerable. They are typically afraid and angry, often blaming themselves, feeling embarrassed about what is happening to them and becoming secretive as a result.
However, the severity of this trauma can be lessened through careful management of the treatment they receive at the time of arrest, communication at school and the setting during visitations.
There are effective practices that can enable children to maintain a sense of dignity and help their imprisoned parents continue parenting. Maintaining strong family ties plays a crucial role in reducing reoffending rates and lessens the chances of children becoming offenders themselves in later life.